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Let's get to know each other:


Hi, I’m Nikki!


I began my yoga journey in 2012 hoping to gain enough flexibility to touch my toes. After the first few months of consistent practice, not only did I achieve my goal of reaching my feet, I also slept better at night, felt more relaxed during the day, and noticed a bigger gap between stress triggers and my habitual responses. 

Yoga has significantly impacted my physical health, but it has always been the psychological shifts that have most piqued my interest. From this place of curiosity, I pursued 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and an 800-hour Yoga Therapy Training, not to mention a bookshelf full of yogic texts and books that connect the body and mind.

I love connecting the anatomy and physiology of biomedical science with the energy and philosophy of yoga. It's from this merging of yoga and science that I created Elements as a way to bring the balance of western medicine and eastern wisdom to my clients. My intention is to educate, empower, and inspire each of my clients by providing the tools needed to lead them to a better state of health and well-being.

Why Elements?

Let’s dissect the word: Element

[ el-uh-muhnt ]

  1. the rudimentary principles of an art or science. 

  2. a component or constituent of a whole.

So, how do Elements relate to yoga?

I chose the name Elements because it speaks to how I work with my clients. By taking into account the biological, mental, environmental and spiritual aspects of each individual, I work within the realms of both art and science. The therapy I offer combines postures, breathwork, relaxing techniques and discussion of lifestyle changes that support you in meeting your health and wellness goals.

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