Yoga Therapy

My mission is to educate, empower and inspire my clients by using western biomedical science and eastern philosophies and practices.

In any Elements offering, my goal is for you to learn something new about yourself and your body. I will explain the what and why of each practice, and allow you space to experience it. It is through this direct experience you will develop a sense of awareness and awe of our body's innate capacity.


Knowledge is power. By building a better understanding of your body you will be able to attune yourself to your needs, deepen your sense of agency, and move confidently through the ups & downs that life has to offer. Always maintaining the feeling of being embodied, connected and in control.


What is most important is what happens off the mat. Whether you're in my facebook group or a private client, your experience at Elements will help you cultivate a sense of awe with your body that will inspire you to make small steps to bring greater well-being into your day to day life.