What is Yoga Therapy?


Everything in your body is connected. Your mind with your body, your gut with your brain, your breath with your energy. We can’t think of anything individually, we must look at everything as a part of the whole. 

Yoga Therapy integrates all of this and works with you as a whole. Together, you and I will take into account your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and determine which therapeutic yoga practices can be implemented to improve your health.

So... what does a session look like?

The answer is- it depends. It depends on you, the client! 

We all have different bodies, different pasts, different lifestyles and different struggles. Therefore each person needs different solutions. 

By combining anatomy, physiology, and the practices of yoga (such as postures, breathwork and relaxation) I can cater to your particular needs and together we can build a practice that is ideal for you.


I can help you:

  • Manage Stress

  • Allievate Anxiety

  • Resolve Sleep Issues

  • Relieve Body Pain

  • Stay Consistent with Health Goals

Together we will work towards holistic health:

  • Physical Health

    • Manage Symptoms of Chronic Health Conditions​

    • Learn Lifesytle Habits that to better sleep, diet & exercise

  • Mental Health

    • Work With the Nervous System​

    • Build Pyschological Resilience

    • Create Healthy Coping Mechanisms

  • Soical Health

    • Establish a Safe Space

    • Use Co-Regulation

    • Feel the Shift in Your Relationships

  • Spiritual Health

    • Create Union in Body, Breath, and Mind

    • Aim Towards Self-Actualization

    • Develope a Sense of Understanding, and Connection

New Client Package

If you’re new to Yoga Therapy and ready to become accountable for your well-being, this package is the perfect one month commitment to get your started.

Free Phone Consultation

Let's talk about how Yoga Therapy can be implemented to bring a greater feeling of well-being into your life. 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Body and Mind Care Package

The gut is considered the second brain. How we eat doesn’t just affect us physically, but mentally as well. This package takes care of your body and mind on various levels.


Why work with me?

Every session is personalized to meet you exactly where you are. You will leave feeling more knowledgeable, connected and enthusiastic about your life off the mat.


I'll help you understand your body better. The session is sprinkled with bits of knowledge about the inner workings of your body as well as felt experience of the sensations that arise.

Throughout the session you will build better body awareness and a deeper connection with yourself. It is my hope that my clients leave their mats feeling embodied and empowered to take on life outside of the yoga room.

Together we will work to create a specialized practice for you. Within our yoga therapy sessions you will gain tools and practices that make you feel good and help manage your stressors and symptoms both on and off the mat.