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Sometimes we all need a fresh start.


In the Begin Again Bundle you will receive 31 different prompts to slowly start introducing more wellness practices into each day.


This habit builder is for someone who:

-wants to make lifestyle changes and doesn't know where to start

-needs some guidance and a little push to keep going

-prefers a fun, creative way to make healthy habits stick

Begin Again Bundle

  • Once pruchased you will get immediate access to the 31-page PDF.

    Each practice or prompt is meant for a new day, so this bundle can be completed as a 31-day self-paced challenge.

    Try each day’s practice, and if you like it keep it going! The practices I will offer in this bundle are stackable and they go hand-in-hand with one another. By the time you reach the end of the PDF you will have put into practice a list of new habits that you enjoy and feel nourishing.

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