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Cultivate Connection

Be Embodied, Empowered & Inspired

Are you ready to transform your relationship to yourself & your world?

Imagine if you...

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Embodied your best & most cared for self

Image by Tron Le

Felt attuned to your body & needs

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Took inspired steps each & every day to live well


Cultivate Connection

A transformational program for women to deepen their relationship to themselves while journeying alongside of others.


This 10-week course is designed to meet you where you are, and help you get to where you want to go.

Are you...

Ready to give yourself the time & energy you deserve

Open to being vulnerable and exploring new parts of yourself

Prepared to let go of the need to fix, change, or make yourself better

Set on being kind to yourself and accepting yourself wholly

Then this program is for you.


Here's how it works:

Choose Your Style

You get to decide how these next 10 weeks will go, and how much support you receive.

  • Join the Community: balance your pace with commitment with weekly group calls to share & discuss your experience.

  • Add Personalized Support: add in 5 or 10 1:1 yoga therapy sessions with Nikki to receive individual guidance and support. Each session will be curated to help you meet your goals and be paried with additional resources for where you are in the Cultivate Connection program.

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Move Through  Materials

Each week you have access to:

  • An all-level yoga practice

  • Meditation & breath-work sessions

  • Reflection prompts and workbook activities


With a variety of offerings you get to work through the practices that feel most aligned to you each week.


*Bonus- you get lifetime access to all recorded materials!

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Ready to join in?

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"My experience in Nikki’s Cultivate Connection course was great. Nikki is such a fantastic teacher and facilitator, she makes you feel so incredibly welcomed and comfortable and always put a smile on my face. Not only did I get to connect more with myself through this program, but I met a lot of lovely people from around the globe and was able to discover new things through our shared experiences."

Carling, Pilot

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"Nikki's depth of knowledge and true passion for yoga and others' health and well-being immensely shows during a yoga therapy session with her. Afterwards I always feel relaxed and emotionally lighter than when I arrived and I find myself using her recommended techniques outside of the yoga therapy room. I am so grateful for her guidance through these practices and her bubbly personality that always puts a smile on my face when I need it."

— Shelby, Teacher

Here's what's waiting for you inside the course:

Month 1:


  • Introduction & Intention Setting

  • Uncover Kindness

  • Feel into your Truth

  • Create Alignment

Month 2:


  • Date Yourself

  • Lighten Your Load

  • Let Go to Let In

  • Call in Contentment

Month 3:


  • Maintain Your Motivation

  • Embrace Your Human-ness

  • Surrender, Again & Again

  • Reflect on the Road Travelled


So you're ready to make the leap?

Here are your options:

Cultivate Connection:

  • 10 LIVE workshops + time to share & connect with others

  • 11 all-level yoga practices

  • 11 meditation & breath work sessions

  • Reflection prompts and activities in the 37-page Cultivate Connection Workbook

  • Lifetime access to all materials + email support from Nikki

Personalized Support

  • 1:1 personalized yoga therapy sessions curated specifically for you, and where you are in the Cultivate Connection Program

  • Choose your frequency: biweekly (5 sessions), or weekly (10)

  • Together we will meet your personal health goals

Have questions you need answered before booking?

A bit more about me:

BIO PIC.jpeg

Hi, I'm Nikki!


My journey started while searching for ways to understand my body better. I was perplexed by stomach aches, anxiety and a constant feeling of being disconnected from myself, and wanted to figure out what was happening and why.

As my self-study continued to deepen, I began taking yoga classes at a local studio and completely fell in love with the practice. Going beyond the physical postures, I enjoyed learning about the philosophy and the ethical practices that are the basis of yoga. It was these teachings that expanded my relationship with myself, with others, and with the planet.

Since starting my practice over a decade ago, I have continued my studies with various yoga teacher trainings, reading a bookshelf full of books that explore philosophy and psychology, and am now nearing the completion of my certification to be a Yoga Therapist.

As I work with people individually and share free practices in my facebook group, I have made it my mission to educate, empower and inspire people. I believe by combining self-reflection and self-love practices, people are not only able to deepen their relationship to themselves, but they also begin to shift the way that they are within the world.

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