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Attachment, Aversion, and Acceptance

Let’s be real, we've all searched for:

  • Love without loss

  • Joy without pain

  • Good without bad

The attachement and aversion cycle begins from the desire for one thing, the avoidance of the other, and the continuous push/pull that follows.

When the 'bad' inevitability comes we try to cover up, distract, or justify the negative to ensure we scurt out of feeling uncomfortable. Then, we feel especially let down when the 'good' always feels just out of reach.

This just leaves us separated from ourselves, our bodies, and our worlds. So what’s the antidote to getting out of the cycle? Acceptance.

  • Acceptance of who you are

  • Acceptance of what you feel

  • Acceptance of your current reality

This is certainly easier said than done, but something we can start with by taking small steps.


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