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It's time to do the work.

Everyone talks about putting in the ‘work’, but what does that even mean?

To me the ‘work’ is:

  • Being devoted to my self-care (meditating, journaling, maintaining boundaries, ext.)

  • Spending time alone in self-study (and the adult version of “time out”)

  • Paying for support (in the form of therapy and/or yoga therapy)

In those terms, putting in the ‘work’ isn’t always easy, fun or glamorous. Think about it:

  • Therapy can be confronting and it can help resolve past traumas

  • Self-care can be tedious and can be a useful self-maintenance tool

  • Spending time alone can be scary and can reveal our truer, deeper selves.

This type of ‘work’ is prioritizing yourself in a completely new way.

It’s letting go of the idea to fix, change or make yourself better. It’s giving up becoming anything that you thought you had to be, and instead replacing the ideals of perfection with self understanding & awareness.

And although the ‘work’ can take you out of your comfort zone, shift the way you see yourself, and feel hard some days,

I promise it is always worth it.

I am currently in the thick of this work myself. I have weekly appointments with my yoga therapist, I say no to fun plans because I need alone time, I take baby steps everyday to take care of my body, mind & soul.

I do this because I know the value in prioritizing myself. I’ve felt the benefits of being connected with myself on every level.

It is from this space that I have passion sharing my knowledge and experience with others. It is from here that I feel comfortable and confident in shining the light down the path for others to begin their ‘work’.

If you are feeling called at this moment to dive deep into your relationship with yourself, I invite you to check out my 1:1 yoga therapy offerings, here:


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