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The Power of Saying 'No'

During a group call for the Cultivate Connection program a few weeks ago, one of the women shared something I've never heard before. Now I have to share it with you.

She Said...

Your default answer should be ‘no’. And ‘yes’ should be reserved for times when you whole-heartedly WANT to say it. Stop for a second and chew on that. Think of all the times where 'yes' comes out of your mouth before you even think! We say 'yes' when we answer the phone even though we are in the middle of something. We say 'yes' to plans and projects when we already have enough on our plate. We 'say' yes to help a friend when we are secretly struggling. Just because we can do it all, doesn’t mean we should. What would happen if you started saying no? How would things change? What if… You said 'no' to doing the thing you didn’t even want to but felt like you ‘should’? You said 'no' to situations (and people) that are energetically draining? You said 'no' to trying to be everything to everyone? If you’re a recovering people pleaser like me, maybe you find it hard to say no. But I promise with practice it will become easier. I personally even noticed feeling more empowered and relieved when I say it.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this and it resonates with you.

Much love,



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