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Your Weekday Love Letter

There is nothing about yourself that you need to change, fix or make better.

I had my own yoga-therapy session last night (yes, I have my own Yoga Therapist too!) and I wanted to share my personal reflections with you: I was beautifully reminded of something I oh-so often forget. As I navigated through an 1.5 hour of a deep imagery practice that took me on an adventure through my subconscious beliefs, I landed on a few different memories where although I was making significant life advancements, feelings of frustration and unworthiness overshadowed any light that was in my life. It was in this exploration that I realized that I have always been reaching to be more and do better. Thoughts like: I won’t be happy until I’ve fixed X, or I don’t deserve love until I’ve done Y always filled my mind. I continued this mentality for years without ever stopping to acknowledge and appreciate the love and joy that was already there. Towards the end of my session I shared with great enthusiasm and a sense of relief that I finally recognize that I already have everything I was searching for, I just didn’t realize it because my mind was too distracted with a new list of things to be and do. Maybe you share some of my thought processes, or maybe not, all that I want to remind you is that...

The amount of love that you give yourself doesn’t need to be earned, deserved or dependent on anything.

Sending much love, Nikki